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Three-player chess from Acryl

3D model description

This version of chess for three players. You can read more on how to play this game, history and much more at
All figures and board done from acryl. Also attached 3 versions of cases: from acryl, cardboard and acryl+3d printed coners. You can choose whatever you prefer more.

3D printing settings

Chess set and board:

Cut all figures from file chess_all.svg using laser cutter from 3mm acryl. Adjust scale a little to make parts connected to each other with some small force or glue them together (I suggest glue parts only to pedestal and do not glue vertical parts to each other to not have traces from glue on transparent acryl). I glued figures with dichloroethane (C2H4Cl2). Generally it is not glue for plastic - it is dissolvent of plastic, but it works perfect to glue details from transparent acryl as completely don't have any traces (in contrast to any glues). But you can also use glues that you have (also very good will be polytrifluorochloroethylene - special glue for acryl or you can glue with thermoglue or even usual cyanoacrylate glue).
Board done from two layers: bottom layer just single peice of acryl 5-6mm (to add rigidity to whole construction) and second layer - board squares glued on it. I glued board squares and border around using double-sided transparent glued tape. But sure you can use any glue from mentioned above (dichloroethane, polytrifluorochloroethylene or others that you have). If you do board not from transparent acryl, then you can choose almost any glue for plastic.
Labels on board border also cutted from blue acryl and installed into holes on board border.
Board on images was done as a gift, so there are greetings on back side done on transparent self-adhesive film.
Also there were done 3 versions of case for chess figures: from cardboard 0.5mm, from acryl plastic 2mm and from acryl 3mm + corner details printed on 3D printer.

Case from cardboard:

Just print file Case Paper.dwg (Case Paper alone.cdr) on 0.5 mm cardboard, cut and assemble. You can use a little glue for small petal that you'll push through holes in bottom to fix them on other side of case bottom, but even without glue it should be fixed well if you did holes of right size (accurate).

Case from acryl:

Cut file Case.dwg (Case.crd) from 2 mm acryl and assemple using a little glue for acryl or plastic. There are 12 sheets to handle figures and 5 sheets that makes sections for figures of each color. Beter start from attaching internal partitions to bottom part, then glue sides and then front and back panels. Top part done very simple - just 4 sides and cover sheet.

Case from acryl and plastic:

Print case panels from file Case (Plastic Sides).dwg or Case (Plastic Sides).cdr using 3 mm acryl. Print details to connect plastic panels:
- 4 x Rounded Corner (9 mm);
- 4 x Rounded Corner (9 mm + 12 mm);
- 8 x Rounded Side (9 mm x 144 mm);
- 4 x Rounded Trailer (9 mm x 43 mm);
- 4 x Parts Connector (9 mm x 144 mm) or 1 x Parts Connector (9 mm x 144 mm) x4
I used glue for plastics Plastic Fix to glue details but you can use any polytrifluorochloroethylene glue or any glue you have.
Use 4 x Rounded Corner (9 mm) + 4 x Rounded Side (9 mm x 144 mm) + 4 x Rounded Trailer (9 mm x 43 mm) + 4 x Parts Connector (9 mm x 144 mm) to glue bottom part of case and 4 x Rounded Corner (9 mm + 12 mm) + 4 x Rounded Side (9 mm x 144 mm) to glue top part of case. Parts done such way that there is small border on bottom part that fix top part if proper position.
Rotate all details when print so flat sufrace be on bottom, as some parts only possible to print with good results only in such orientation (corners even specially done not simmetrical to be able print then with fine quality on printer without support material, but they should be oriented bottom with flat surface, so all walls are vertical). All long details should be printed vertically.
To make gift looks better I also added small bag from blue velvet for figures.

Attached files:

  • chess_all.svg (chess_all.eps) - Chess set (acryl 3 mm). Print 3 sets of different colors
  • Board 3 Players.dwg (Board 3 Players (alone).cdr) - Board for 3 players (acryl 3 mm of two-three different colors, outer shape is for bottom layer that is acryl 5-6 mm).
  • Case.dwg (Case.cdr) - default case from acryl with individual handlers for every figure. Just cut and glue it. Slots and plugs makes evident how to assemble case. On right side done case cover (it is 1 mm larger in every direction). All done from acryl 2 mm.
  • Case (Paper).dwg (Case (Paper) (alone).cdr) - easy to assembple case from cardboard 0.5 mm. Black lines should be cutted, blue lines used to blend cardboard to form the case with cover.
  • Case (Plastic Sides).dwg (Case (Plastic Sides).cdr) - flat panels for case done from acryl 3mm + printed plastic connectors
  • Case 3D printed - all printed plastic details in one file
  • *.STL and *.SLDPRT files - plastic details to be printed on 3D printer.

Enjoy with your friends ;)

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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I'm actually working on a similar project, but with a triangular board. This is pretty cool!