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The Dribble Glass

3D model description

Every Prankster needs a Dribble Glass!

Hey folks, I made a classic Dribble Glass. See File: Dribble Glass 001.STL

But, in playing with that I found that the water hardly comes out of the holes and I had to increase the hole size a lot (with small drills) to get good dribble action.

So, I decided to take a different tact on this old design and I created a Dribble Glass based on water pressure and so it really dribbles! There are no visible holes at the top of the cup and it is harder to detect where it dribbles from. This design does take three parts and they must be bonded together without clogging the dribble paths. See Files: Dribble Glass 004.STL, Dribble Glass 004-Base.STL and Dribble Glass 004-Top Ring.STL

Go ahead have a little fun. Of course at the expense of your victims!!! LOL

Note on bonding. Use drinking glass from kitchen as a mold to form a piece of alum foil over the opening. Remove formed alum foil. It is now shaped like a deep dish. Pour a small amount of Acetone in the alum dish. Place end of main cup in dish, move around and get entire end saturated and softened. Apply to cup base or cup top ring quickly and with pressure (IE: press down against table top). This is an important step for the bottom cap because you must get full adhesion all around. And make sure to clock the base to the cup body so dribble paths are aligned.

Enjoy, Reamo

  • 3D file format: STL





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