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Teddybear Eye - laser shooting bug killing cyber teddy

3D model description

After more than 30 years my sister found my frient that I had forgotten. He was still missing his eye. I decided to make a creepy little eye to go with his creepy little hand.

it scares my daughter now a bit (and me), but i told her that he's now a cyber teddy with a special bug detecting eye and a laser shooting hand and that he will be keeping the bugs out of her room while she sleeps.... she was o.k. with that :)

  • 3D file format: SKP and STL



I always loved making, braking, fixing, mending and abusing things. Especially the latter: making what I need by using things that were not intended for that purpose. A 3D printer is one of the nicest tools I ever owned: you figure out what you need, you find something that sort of works and then make the parts to bridge the gap. Custom parts for whatever purpose at barely any cost at all; maker heaven.



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