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Tangram -- Old game with a rethink of 3d Print

Download free 3D model Tangram -- Old game with a rethink of 3d Print, DarkolasDownload free 3D model Tangram -- Old game with a rethink of 3d Print, Darkolas

3D model description

The tangram had already been around in China for a long time when it was first brought to America by Captain M. Donnaldson, on his ship, Trader, in 1815. When it docked in Canton, the captain was given a pair of Sang-Hsia-koi's (author) Tangram books from 1815.[5] They were then brought with the ship to Philadelphia, where it docked in February 1816. The first Tangram book to be published in America was based on the pair brought by Donnaldson.

-- wikipedia

I am always felt nostalgic about those games that we play during our time (60s). Back then, we are poor and have not much of toys to play with. This Tangram, although was not as popular as Lego, but was intuative and mind thinking as anybody could imagine.

There were only 12 thingiverse members posted the tangram. Being the 13th member, I added a tray to house the 7 pieces together.

You could google "Tangram" for images and will see lots of styles and patterns you could think of. Have fun and print a copy for your kids (4 and above) to play with.

3D printing settings

For those with MakerBot Replicator 2 or 2X. Print with 0.3 layer height will do. I have filleted the edge of each corner with 1mm radius. So your printing should be smooth. Post me any comments if you need to know.

  • 3D model format: STL





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