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Take Apart - Bolts & Nuts

3D model description

Use these bolts & nuts as spare parts for you Battat toy or for the take apart toys listed below:

Dump truck: (reloaded)
Monster 2CV:
Monster Jeep:
Tow truck: (reloaded)
Rocket launcher: (reloaded)
Fire truck: (reloaded)

The bolts could optional be reinforced, in case of poor layer bounding. A steel bolt M3x30 and nut will certainly strengthening the printed bolt.

The screw driver set is also open source and could be downloaded here too. When using one handle for all bits, D6L6 magnets could be inserted during printing.
There is a tools-connected stl part, for easy printing of all bits at once.

After a short parameter study, decided to make the inside of the nut_v1 a little larger for dealing with FDM issue's printing an inner circle.

3D printing settings

Although care is been taken, getting all dimension right, it's challenging to print these bolts & nuts.
I do get better results printing these in ABS then PLA.

Now I get way better results with PLA, when minimizing the layer height to 0.06 mm. :)

  • 3D file format: STL



Like to print toys for my little boys and try different things.
If you want to support my creations, please consider to buy my designs.
This will help me to create, test and test again new models.



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