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Tabletop plant: "Cannon-Plant" (Alien Vegetation 09)

Download free 3D printer model Tabletop plant: "Cannon-Plant" (Alien Vegetation 09), GrimGreebleDownload free 3D printer model Tabletop plant: "Cannon-Plant" (Alien Vegetation 09), GrimGreeble

3D model description

This plant is prepared to defend itself at all costs - and prints fine without support. :-)

Growing in difficult terrain like rocky deserts or alien jungles, it can really screw up your battle fields.

There are two version:

1.) detailed
2.) simple

Depending on you printer / settings, just choose the one that meets your needs best. The simple version's filesize is a lot lower and it is easier to print. The big one contains a lot of fine details which may get lost when printing with coarse settings.

Hope you like it. Have fun!


Another plant for tabletop gaming and a nice addition to the tables vegetation, which can be used in different scenarios like desert, jungle, swamp, alien planets, ...

If you print this one, feel free to post a make - I'd really like to see how it works out for you. :-)

  • 3D file format: STL





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