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Stylish Elephant

3D model description

After seeing some great designs on thingiverse and other model sites, I set about trying to design one myself.

I want to learn Fusion 360....and who doesn't love Elephants..Right ?

You can see from the pictures I started with pen and paper just drawing out different elephant shapes.
I wanted the print to be printed without any supports. I modified the trunk to be part of the legs. The tail also comes out just enough to see its a tail.

13/06/2018: Added another modified model called Stylish elephant v02
Adjusted the curve on head area. You can see the eyes from the front now. Which I think is a lot cooler :)
Adjusted tail thickness slightly.

  • 3D model format: STL



I have been interested 3D, since seeing Lightwave3D on the Amiga computer some years ago.

Its only until recently I actually made a 3D model....Thanks to 3D printing; software has improved for creating objects.

I use Fusion360 at the moment.



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