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Stepper (clicking) Cryptex

3D model description

Rather simple, clicking Cryptex.
You can hide paper money (in full lenght version), coins, pendrive etc., inside it.
Or you can use it for counting score or life in tabletop games.

Started from base of Modular Life counter

Idea was from one photo of Cryptex in some e-shop.
Then I started to think how it is working (without knowing all the parts) and then I made my version.

You will need to print:
- one bottom part (or bot_3 for 3 rings)
- top (or top_3) (this one needs some supports, set it to 'everywhere')
- locking_ring (you can print locking_ring_tool too if you will have some problems with rotating the ring with fingers)
- 3 or 7 ring_inside and ring_numbers

Printed with 0.4mm nozzle with 0.2mm layer height.

May need some sanding for smooth use but remember that ring_inside should go in the ring_numbers with some resistance.

Changing the lock number may be little difficult sometimes.
Just take the ring in hand and push out the ring_inside part a little with sth flat, then rotate it in hand a little and push again and rotate and push

Cryptex assembling animation:

  • 3D file format: STL





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