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Starfighters with a display stand

3D model description

This will be a real nice display at a desk. Now the rectangular hole on the aircraft is 6 mm by 3.5mm and the display stand's joint is 5.5 mm by 3.5 mm. I print out the two parts with my M3D printer and they are able to joint together without any superglue. But If you are using a better 3D printer then I am then most likely you can see the 0.5 mm gap. If that is the case I suggest you to use some superglue to joint them, however, you should able to fit them in without any superglue. Anyway give me some feedback if you could.

  • 3D file format: STL



I got into 3D printing when took Drafting and Design class at my high school. It is just fascinating to me how I can print a object of my design in my home. Instead of just looking at my design on a screen, I can now touch it and feel it on my hands. I personally consider 3D printing as a hobby like playing video games. So I made this account to share my design to the world and if you like my designs I'm happy. If you don't well give me some feedback.



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