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Sports Car - One piece print with moving wheels

3D model description

Sports Car model that prints on its wheels which will spin free once the designed in support is removed.

This model includes 'lateral support' so the axle ends flush with the side of the wheel. The support provides just enough support to allow the axles to build correctly so the wheels will spin freely once the support is removed.

Great example of what can be 3D printed... read instructions for more details.

3D printing settings

On a Replicator 2 this prints well with 3 shells and 15% fill (so do not rescale to maintain clearances). No raft or support required as support has been built in already. Just break away the designed in support (refer support image to see what to remove) and gently free the wheels.

Once the wheels are free spray some silicone lubricant on the outside of each wheel and they will spin easily... another one part print most people cannot comprehend.

Note: Clearances may vary when printed on other 3D printers. Adjust the scale of the model to resolve so the support breaks away easily and wheels become free with minimal effort.

  • 3D file format: STL





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