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Spiro Machine

3D model description


What's this?
This is a hand cranked drawing machine inspired on some Spiro-drawing machines i've seen recently.

Didn't found anything fully printable so i decided to make my own version.

Why i love this machine?
100% printable!. Except for markers and paper sheets :)
Hand cranked! But may be easy to plug some kind of DC motor.
NO supports at all. I hate supports
Fun and addictive. Those gears, loops and mechanics are highly addictive (at least for me)
Surprises inside. Explore with gears, combinations and you'll find some suprising patterns. Or found ugly and messy drawings :P

What i'm downloading?
ZIP file with all the STL's Many STL files so uploaded as a ZIP with files organized in folders.
PDF assembly guide. Step by step assembly process with pictures and some tips. Please read before asking on comments.
The STL's shown are in ZIP file, just needed to attach some STL files to publish this thing ;)

Hope you enjoy printing, assembling an drawing this one!!
Have fun!!

Advice: Please tell me in comments if there's any file missing or can't print something. After renaming and organizing the STL's i'm affraid i'm forgotting something.(Hope no, but Murphy's always with us)

Customizer for gears and plates:

To do: (eventually)

Assembling and testing video
Cleaning and publishing OpenSCAD files
Maybe a sort of circular cutter for the paper sheets

3D printing settings


BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos





No supports

Resolution: 0.25 for gears, plates, bars and guides. 0.2 for screws, nuts and small parts

Using brim on small parts

Adjust Horizontal expansion to -0.1 on gears and plates to get a smoother engage

Easy to print, reduce flow and/or use horizontal expansion reduction for pins, gears, and maybe scrrews and nuts if you have trouble inserting or screwing parts

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



Hi all! , I'm Fernando Jerez, computer science teacher, amateur designer and electronics noob.
Love procedural/generative stuff, robots, and all kind of 3D printable stuff.
Hope you enjoy my designs.

Contact me by private message: @ferjerez3d (Instagram,Twitter)



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