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Spinning Top Volcano

Download free 3D printing designs Spinning Top Volcano, TramgonceDownload free 3D printing designs Spinning Top Volcano, Tramgonce

3D model description

I was looking up some gear mechanisms and stumbled upon this fantastic spinning top that looks like Mt Fuji when you twirl it.

This is something I did using the same principles, as you spin it, you see a volcanic cone with a mist around it. Mine's a lot flatter and wider, so I'll call it Mt Ruapehu (Auckland, New Zealand).

I reccomend printing this with very different coloured filaments. I only had grey and white and it could really use more contrast. Try black/white or dark blue/white.

I've attached 2 STLs. They should be all set up. You will need rafts, but it printed fine without supports.

3D printing settings

Print the wedge with the stick at the bottom and wedge on the top with a raft. You should not need supports

Print the spinner with the wedge-shaped hole at the bottom on a raft. Shouldn't need supports for this either.

  • 3D file format: STL





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