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Space station Vjuga

3D model description

One upon a time, after Russian military space station "Almaz" (diamond) but before deployment of the Dead Hand nuclear missile defence system "Perimeter" there was first secret nuclear deterrence programme "Vjuga" (blizzard).

Silent eye in the sky, manned by long stay crew of two, this space station purpose was to listen and watch for nuclear explosions on the USSR territory and strike with six nuclear warheads of 500MT each.

Station completely relied on the visiting resupply craft to boost its orbit, as manoeuvring module was replaced by nuclear warheads tubes strapped to their third stage boosters. Eliminating long ascending trajectory, nukes could strike almost immediately rendering any missile defence system useless as long as station was unreachable on the high geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO).

The only two test firings are know, both successfully hitting targets at Kamchatka. There are no historical evidence that actual nuclear warheads were delivered to the station and armed, but concern it caused was enough to cancel out USA space bomber "Space shuttle" flights over Kremlin.


GN "Гнездо" (the nest) - docking module for the resupply ship. Contains four large viewpoints used by cameras and telescope.
KBO "Командно-бытовой отсек" - command and living module. The main living and work place. Contains Фреон (freon) command and guidance computer, equipment racks, sleeping stations and storage lockers.
AO "Агрегатый отсек" (equipment module) - cold / vacuum storage and equipment space.
RO " Ракетный отсек" (missile module) - contains tubes with six 500 MT nukes strapped tot he third stage boosters.

3D printing settings

Prusa i3 MK2





Printed in PLA, any brand will do.

Insert short pieces of filament in the alignment holes on one side of the module halves

GN - before assembling two halves, print transparent hatches and glue them in. Then assemble halves.
KBO - glue in control panel and racks, then add other transparent half.
PVA - photovoltaic arrays consist of two halves, have to be glued together. You will need three sets.
AO - glue both halves together.
RO - glue nuke tubes module to the one half of the module bulk, then glue another half. Insert nukes to flavor.

Custom Section

Disclaimer for our fake news hungry world.
This is fictional work of art, thanks God, this space station never was. Still Im sure there was far more terrible inventions on both sides of the Cold War

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