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Space-filling molecular models: Phenanthrene adventure pack

3D model description

What better way so show your love for your favorite chemist than with a space-filling molecular model of a molecule that just happens to look like a lacy valentine! Just think, if you were to give your true love a single gram of phenanthrene, they would have 3.4 x 10^21 valentines (albeit very small and difficult to personalize). Phenanthrene is easily available from most chemical supply houses (CAS 85-01-8), but it doesn't smell particularly nice, so you're probably better off just giving your sweetheart the model. Some folks may notice that I've chosen a non-traditional color for carbon; there's no rule that says that carbon has to be black.

You'll need

10 CarbonPH6 in your choice of color
2 CarbonJPH1 in the same color
10 Hydrogen in a different color
24 bonds in any color

I've included some files grouping these objects if it helps.

Assembly tips:

The bonds are tight, so I have included a tool to help insert them. Join one CarbonPH6 to each CarbonJPH1 using the rectangular holes (the round ones go out). Snap these two assemblies together. Then join a hydrogen to each of two CarbonPH1's by the round holes and snap them to the top of the other assembly (there won't be enough room to add these hydrogens later). The hydrogens may be too close together, so you will probably have to sand them a little. Then make two groups of three CarbonPH6's using the rectangular holes and snap these to the sides of the other assembly. Add the remaining hydrogens to the remaining (hopefully round) holes and you're done.

3D printing settings


Da Vinci 1A


Doesn't Matter


Doesn't Matter


0.2 mm


10%, 30% for bond tool

I used ABS. Three perimeters works well.

  • 3D file format: STL





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