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Animal Crossing Wolf

3D model description

Model is from Pocket Camp, ripped by Centrixe (thank you!). I posed them, added a base and optimized it for printing. They print in two pieces that you glue together at the end.

Printing settings: I’d recommend both a brim and supports. I print at 0.12 mm resolution.

For glueing I use Locite super glue. Line up and glue the base first, then the head once that’s dry. That lets you correct for any warping.

Depending on how it's painted it could be Fang or Whitney or any of the wolves. If you would like to paint, spray with a primer first then paint with acrylic craft paint. I use the cheap kind from walmart and it works fine, just make sure to thin it with water first.

After painting I spray mine with Krylon Colormaxx Clear - Flat to protect the paint.

  • 3D file format: OBJ and STL



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