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Six-Piece Burr - Interlocking Puzzle

3D model description

"The six-piece burr, also called "Puzzle Knot" or "Chinese Cross", is the most well-known and presumably the oldest of the burr puzzles. This is actually a family of puzzles, all sharing the same finished shape and basic shape of the pieces."

This puzzle consists of 6 pieces, all six pieces of the puzzle are square sticks of equal length (at least 3 times their width). When solved, the pieces are arranged in three perpendicular, mutually intersecting pairs.

Obviously, this isn't my originally idea, but the model and visual art is designed from scratch. I hope you enjoy this fun little puzzle, also let me know if I should make more puzzles :)

3D printing settings

Filamentum PLA (Vertigo grey)

Resolution: 0.25mm

15% infill

  • 3D model format: STL



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