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Single piece peg-top! easy to print and customizable!

3D model description

The title is pretty descriptive :)

Printing the vertex of the top flat makes it easy to get a nice finish!

No support required :)

3D printing settings

Download, print, spin.

Important note: Keep the perimeter speed low in order to get a nice finish for the overhangs.

Print settings for Cura: 0.5mm nozzle, Wall Thickness: 1.5mm, Layer Height: 0.4mm, 50% infill, 12mm/s (perimeters), 60mm/s (infill).
These speed settings are achieved by choosing a Print Speed of 60mm/s and setting to 20% the inner/outer wall speed on the printing interface.

Thank you Obijuan for fixing it!! :-)

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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