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sin(​sqrt(​x^​2+​y^​2))/​sqrt(​x^​2+​y^​2) Castle Topper

3D model description

A castle topper to show off your mathematical prowess while molding the sands!

Based off of a 3D projection of the equation Z = sin(​sqrt(​x^​2+​y^​2))/​sqrt(​x^​2+​y^​2), simply pack the mold with wet sand and add it to your castle for an awesome accent!

When I saw this challenge I knew I wanted to create an interactive and interesting way to view mathematics in the 3rd dimension, having it look really awesome is just a plus!

To make this model I used blender 3D modeling software, subdivided a plane into ~65k vertices and set each vertex to where it would be when plugged into the formula. From there all I did was create the mold around the function.

Unfortunately where I live I didn't have access to any sand to mold so I used brown sugar instead.

Edit: Added a solid version for those who just want a neat model of the function.

Edit (7/31/15): Made and uploaded a much cleaner and useful version, it prints without support and allows a cleaner sand mold, plus this one actually works in slic3r.

Edit(7/14/15): Made a version with the function on the side.

3D printing settings

No supports needed! Just print pack and play!

The base model is 10cm x 10cm x 4cm, use that to scale it to any size you want

  • 3D model format: STL





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