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Semi Ducted Micro Frame (Beecheese Frame V3)(cam mount integrated)

3D model description

This is a remix of my beecheeseframe based on stylesuxx´s awesome cheeseframe.

Print it with 90-100% infill. You can print it pretty fast with still good results.

It will fit 8520 motors and 55mm props. The ducts are reduced to save weight and resized to fit bigger propeller. In version 3 the ducts are a bit bigger, as V2 had problems with props hitting the ducts from time to time. I think the 55mm props improve flight performance and flight duration alot, compared to the 50mm version. I got around 6 Minutes on 700mah 1s. It anyhow doesnt feel that agile, but i think it has more power to compensate hard moves.

The cam mount fits an M3 screw. If you dont overtighten it, you won´t need a nut.

j4y4r had the great idea to integrate the tx03 mount of stylesuxx onto my frame. I liked the idea, but wanted a adjustable mount. So i added it to this version. If you already have some frames. There is also a version of the mount for upgrading an existing frame.

Stylesuxx and j4y4r gave me some very good feedback, so i coould improve the frame.

Thanks! :)

What changed since V2?
- I did some reinforcment at weak points.
- Booms improved
- FC section has increased stability
- Cam mount connection added
- Cam Clip added
- Duct holes made a bit smaller -> more rigidity
- Motor mounts improved -> less fileing
- maybe some other things i cant remember :D

Update: Added landing gear.

It can take some hits and is easy to fix using superglue if something went wrong ;)

You may use my cam mount on your already printed frames.

Awesome flightcontroller firmware:
Betaflight 3.1.6 Omnibus
(Open Source)

Do not forget to break in your motors. (Around 1 lipo pack at min throttle, best way to do is on motors tab in betaflight configurator)

Lenght: 120mm
Width: 139mm
Weight: 12.0 grams

Build video: (Frame V1 but same hardware as in V3) (english subtitles)

Flight VIdeo:

Print timelapse: (V3 without cam mount)

(Links to
Flight control board:
"Omnibus F3 with OSD and RX" (Flysky/FrSky/DSM compatible versions available)(Versions sold after 04/2017 should have failsave feature)

Brushed motors "Racestar 8520"

Propeller 2 blade 55mm (Watch out, there are some flyaway props around. Cant recommend the cheap ones)

FPV cam/transmitter combo - TX03 (great image quality for its size, very leightweight)

1S 600mah 50C Battery With Charger (higher C rate means more power for your quad)

5V active Buzzer (take it, if you dont want to search your quad for hours and hours.)

Further you need:
Transmitter of your choice. I use the Flysky I6 with SBUS mod

FPV goggle of your choice. I use the Kylin Vision with Eachine DVR mod

Connectors you will need: (Links to
4x JST SH 1.0 - 2 Pin - pigtails or connectors for the motors ->
1x JST SH 1.0 - 4 Pin - pigtails or connectors for the fpv camera ->

  • 3D file format: STL





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