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Russian boxcar series 11-270, HO scale

3D model description

This is a 1/87 scale model of Soviet/Russian boxcar series 11-270. It's general dimensions and big details are modeled rather precise, but undercarriage equipment are somewhat symbolic and rough.

Assembly is shown on the following picture:


  • I cannot stress this enough: the bed must be really flat, or you need some compensation mechanisms, like level sensor and mesh bed leveling enabled. Good adhesion is a must for this thin and detailed print.

  • 2 versions of car can be printed - with ladders and hatches on roof (use "top v2", "ladder h" and "ladder v") and without (use "top v1")

  • bottom is modeled for Mehano american bogies with integrated couplers. Other bogies with M4 screw will fit. M3 screw will fit when fixed by a nut.

  • If bridges print well on your machine, ladders can be printed in one piece with top and front sides.

  • Doors are movable but might require some filing. They are symmetrical and will fit upside down. v1 and v2 only differ in position of decorative plate for lock.

  • Bottom ladder (ladder 3) is movable (can be folded) but since it can fall off during travel, it should better be glued.

Sources of pictures and schematics:

  • 3D file format: STL





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