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RoboLabs Lunar Elite - Vertex

3D model description

Professor Bot and his team of makers have recently relocated to the Robolabs moon base to continue development of their unparalleled robot building technology away from the threat of the dangerous Dr. Warp.

Disaster struck however when one of Dr. Warp's minions hacked into the RoboLabs mainframe and stole Professor Bot's Lunar Elite technology! This could prove catastrophic if the evil Dr. uses it to replicate a robot army.

Professor Bot must now rely on Vertex, his finest creation to retrieve the plans for Lunar Elite before it's too late...

3D printing settings

This is part of a university project, designing a posable 3D printed action figure for children. This particular design has been produced for the Develop3D 'Make a bot' competition. None of the parts will require support material to print.

The figure is comprised of snap-fit ball joints, most of the joints have been tested and although they may be very stiff at first they loosen up quickly. The joints work well printed in PLA at 0.1mm, 2 or 3 perimeters and a low infill like 5%.

Certain parts such as the upper leg are printed in two pieces. To avoid using support material they use a small extruded triangle to act as a friction fit. These are intentionally tight so the parts fit together securely. If they print too tight/loose you may want to sand or reprint them or just glue the parts if you want.

Deadlines are looming so I may not have the time to respond to requests that rapidly but I hope no-one has any problems printing it, the parts I've tested so far worked fine.

I'm excited to see what colour combinations you come up with!

Update - it appears the original head file had some flipped normals so there is now a repaired file which should work

  • 3D file format: STL





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