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"Red Swan" the biggest fully printed Flying Wing

3D model description

The ugly duckling became a swan. So the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen came true.
Yes I know, it didn't become the beauty of a swan, but it has this wonderful flight characteristic. It can glide like a sailplane. The motor was often not in use as you can see on this video, which was taken with a mounted mini cam:
As I announced on "Red Duck" , I expanded the wing to a wing span of 1950 mm. As expected, the nose had to expand once more. 400g more weight of the wing required a 100 mm longer nose. Otherwise I had to add ballast weight.
This time it was even more difficult to find the plane on the display to follow all the movements, especially the aerobatics which Marcel from had flown perfectly - crowned with a super soft landing.

This is a video with crash landing taken at Inter-Ex 2015. The flying wing was rewarded with the Innovation-trophy:

My Club:

3D printing settings

wing span: 1950 mm
wing chord: 336 mm
aerodynamic center: 80.2 mm
aerodynamic center 8% stability: 61.4 mm
wing profil: Clark YS
wing overall weight: 1520 g
wing area: 65,52 dm²
fuselage overall weight 730 g
wing loading: 34,3 g/dm²
directional stability (Thies) STFs: 80

motor: Robbe Roxxy BL Outrunner 2834-08
propeller: Aeronaut CAM 10 x 6”
static thrust: 1100 g (3S Lipo)

Print and Material
print time wing: 120 h
print time fuselage: 35 h
used PLA: 1.8 kg

  • 3D file format: STL



I am constructing engineer for powerplants. Designing was allways my passion and I am glad, now as a pensioner, to have interesting challenges again.
I want to give thanks to the



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