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RC plane fuselage - Eclipson model Z

3D model description

Warning, it's only test parts, you'll have to pay for the full model.

Fuselage, canopy and spinner of the radio controlled airplane Eclipson Model Z.

-Follow the recommended parameters on our drawing:
-Video assembly guide is also available.

Whole airplane available on our website:

RC groups thread:

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3D printing technology give as a world of design freedom!, we are convinced that biomimicry is a great approach to take advantage of this freedom in order to develop low-weight, strong and efficient airplanes.

More information about the secrets of this design:

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



We design RC planes to be 3D printed. Find more information:



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And where are the wings?

I too have just realisd the wings are missing. I dont mind paying for models at all. But its a bit misleading when you dont mention that the wing have to then be paid for.

Hello, here you can download for free the fuselage as described, you can print them and test if you can achive good quality, if you are satisfied with the results the whole airplane is available in our page for a low price:

Am I missing a file? I don't see the wings for this bird...

WOW! Avery genrous gesture to offer such a stunning model for free. Thank you so much for this