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Ratman Weapon Squads

3D model description

All 6 Skaven weapon teams from the Warhammer 8th edition Tabletop. These are meant for resin, but you can try them on FDM if you so choose. However, I do recommend the wheels of the Doom Flayer be printed with FDM. All six should be placed on a single 60x35mm oval base. Each .3mf file has all the meshes for each unit. The individual supported models from test-prints are also included as .STLs

Included in here are:

Warplock Jezzail Team (w/ 3 different shields)
Warpfire Thrower Team
Rattling Gun Team
Doom Flayer Team
Warp-Grinder Team
Poison Wind Mortar Team

  • 3D file format: 3MF and STL





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