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Racing Quadcopter

3D model description

Simple racing quad frame with minimal components to print.

You will need to print
- 4 arms
- 6 risers (two types which you may chose, 50mm is the higher version for extra clearance)
- 1 lower plate
- 1 top plate

I would suggest using machine screws as a method of fitting the arms to the lower plate and then using nyloc nuts.

The top plate has been designed to accommodate a kk2.1 flight board, there is 2mm stand-offs already included in the print. The lower plate has stand-offs for a standard power distribution board.

The maximum motor diameter is 24mm, the arms where designed to take 250 size motors.

This build should fit onto a 200mm x 200mm build plate. The largest pieces are the plates which measure 60mm x 200mm x 4mm


I have updated the arm design, after a few trials with my previous design I am not happy with how much they flex and also lack some form of ground clearance. I have rectified the design, landing legs have been added and also added a beading below to reduce the flex when under load. 'File name - armv2.stl'

  • 3D file format: STL





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