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quad (custom)

3D model description

hallo, hello,

I have tried to create a quad with spring, which is reasonably successful
this object is not entirely perfect
you can set up the caps so that you can use a different color.
you can put the hood behind (with a little bit of effort, press the front wheel gently on it that can break so look out

list of parts this is in dutch but if you follow it, and you have little to no problems
ask then I hear it

frame 1x
achterbrug 1x
moter 1x
moter-dina 1x
uitlaat 1x
stuur 1x
kappen-voor 1x
kappen-achter 1x
kappen-spatkap-L 1x
kappen-spatkap-R 1x
velg voor version2 2x
velg achter 2x
band voor 2x
band achter 2x
zadel 1x
veer boven 1x
veer onder 1x
voor veer boven 2x
voor veer onder 2x
vork boven 2x
vork onder 2x

  • 3D file format: STL





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