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Printed truck V2: Rear axle

3D model description

Some more hours of designing and testing and another part is done.
The rear axle for the new RC truck, 'Printed truck V2'.
It should flex and move better than the old rear axle.

Hardware needed:
4x M3x14 for the 4 link setup(length might depend on what rodends you use)
7x m3x10 for the axle housing
7x m3 nuts for the axle housing
8x m3x8mm grub screws for the gears and rims
2x m3x4mm grub screws for the U-joint piece

You can check out the assembly video for this over at my youtube:

I'll upload more V2 parts as soon as I get them finished, stay tuned! :)

You can find the rims here:

And the tyres here:

Updated 2016-04-16:
Updated the diffhub_top since the shockmounts were apparently 1mm off to the side.

Updated 2016-06-10:
Added Diffhub_top_V2, Diffhubbottom_V2 and Smallgear_V2. These have slightly altered link geometry for better articulation and a more compact look. Smallgear_V2 needs to be attached with a 1.5mm pin.(Steel wire or equivalent)

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D file format: STL



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