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Printed truck V2: Front axle

3D model description

After many hours of work on re-designing this truck from ground up to make everything work better, this is the first part that is done.
The front axle for the new RC truck, 'Printed truck V2'.
It will flex and steer a lot better than the old, hopefully last better as well!

Hardware needed:
4x M3x10 for the 4 link setup(length depends on what rodends you use)
4x M4x10 for the wheel hubs
2x M4x10 for the servo mount
3x M3x16 for steeringbar and servo linkage
2x M5x30 for the wheel hubs

You can check out the assembly video for this over at my youtube:

I'll upload more V2 parts as soon as I get them finished, stay tuned! :)

Updated 2016-06-30:
Added Beamaxle_servo_std which has a bigger hole for the servo, should fit most standard servos.

You can find the rims here:

And the tyres here:

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D model format: STL



3D printing nerd and wannabe-engineer. Making random projects from RC trucks to nerf guns, interested in pretty much anything technology related.

I do youtube videos about most things I make.



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