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Printed truck V2: Frame

3D model description

Finally got around to finishing the frame!
Just missing the driveshaft and gearbox then it's ready for a test.

There's 3 different ways to make this frame:
1) Print frontframe and rearframe, this requires a printing area of at least 225x76 millimeter.
2) Print frontframe_20cm and rearframe, one at a time and diagonally across the bed. This will just about fit, with some millimeter to spare if you have a 20x20cm bed to print on, I have tested it myself.
3)Print Split_Frontframe_20cm_A, Split_Frontframe_20cm_B, Split_Rearframe_A and Split_Rearframe_B then join them with 4mm rods and glue, this way you can print on an even smaller bed if done separately and diagonally.

Hardware needed:
8x M3x16 for the 4-links.
8x M4x10(or shorter) for the ninjaflex springs
2x M4x20 for the frame lock
2x 4mm rod, 70-80mm long for the frame reinforcement.

You can check out the assembly video for this over at my youtube:

2016-04-20 Edit: Added Frontframe_20cm.stl. This will fit diagonally on a 20x20cm bed, I had to chop off a bit on the front. The point of the front extension is to give more support for the cab that'll sit ontop but I moved the holes back so it should still have an adequate mounting with the shorter frame.
So basically, if you have enough print volume, print front_frame and rear_frame. If you only have 20x20cm, print rear_frame and front_frame_20cm, diagonally on the bed, it will be very tight but should fit.

2016-04-24 Edit: Changed size of the holes for gearbox so it's easier to screw it on, you don't need to reprint this part if you've already printed it though.

2016-04-28 Edit: Updated all the frames and added Split-frames which take even less space to print but requires gluing and steel rods.

I'll upload more V2 parts as soon as I get them finished, stay tuned! :)

You can find the rear axle here:

The front axle here:

And the springs here:

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D file format: STL



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