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Printed truck V1: Springs

3D model description

These will work with Truck V1.

Why buy springs when you can print them?!
Unfortunately they won't ever replace real springs/shocks but they're still pretty fun to drive around with!

Ninjaflex1 seems a bit harder than Ninjaflex2.
I'd recommend putting Ninjaflex1 on the front and Ninjaflex2 on the rear of the truck.

Solidspring is ment to be printed in PLA/ABS or whichever 'hard' plastic you have, it'll flex a little bit but not as much as ninjaflex suspension.
I've printed mine in Colorfabb XT which is quite springy, makes for a nice ride.

To see what the finished truck looks like, check out my project videos:

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D model format: STL



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