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Printed truck: Rear axle V1

3D model description

Rear axle for the printed truck V1!

This is the axle housing plus the differential gears, it will behave like a locked differential with this setup.
I might make an open differential sometime but not in the near future as I only care about maximum traction with this.

It needs:
4mm axle, length depends on wheels
4mm bearings, I used 624zz bearings.
M3 grubscrews for locking the gears(M3x4 should work)

You will also need rodends and suitable rods for connecting the axle to the frame.

Seems to run fine without oil/grease but adding some thick grease probably wouldn't hurt.

You can see a demo of the complete truck here:

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D model format: STL



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