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Printed Truck: Gearbox Helical 18:1 Ratio

3D model description

Will work with Truck V1 and Truck V2
Simple gearbox with helical gears for 540 brushed motors.
Print and add some grease, works great!
The hardware you need:
4mm axles
4mm bearings, I used 624zz bearings.
M3 grubscrews for locking the gears

You can see more videos of the V1 and V2 truck over at my youtube channel:

Edit 2016-03-12: Added bighelical32t_0.7m_PIN.stl, this is the output gear with a 1.5mm hole for putting a pin through the gearshaft, this seems to work better than just using grub screws but requires drilling through the metal shaft.

Edit 2016-03-27: Updated with new gearbox housing that'll work in both Truck V1 and Truck V2.
Edit 2016-04-23: Apparently the new gearbox housing had some tight tolerances around the gear so I made some more space there, only file changed is mount2.stl
Also added spacer.stl which helps align the gears, put it behind the big middle gear.

Check me out at:
3d hubs:

  • 3D file format: STL



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