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Potion of Minor Restoration (Potion Bottle)

3D model description

Standard potion bottle. I made this simply because I feel like I haven't accomplished anything if I haven't uploaded anything in a while. :(

I think the walls of the bottle are a bit thick, but I figured it was better to be on the safe side than not. Either way, it should actually hold liquid with a good print.

Apologies if the display image was a bit misleading. Obviously your print isn't going to be made of glass. (probably)

  • 3D file format: STL



With Thingiverse's performance problems getting increasingly worse, I've switched over to Cults3D as my primary host for my 3D models. I will always keep providing free models, however I will try to sell the occasional model from time to time. If you enjoy my work, also feel free to leave a tip!



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