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Pokeball (with button-release lid)

3D model description

Fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master with this full sized Pokeball! This model features a hinged lid that opens when the button is pressed and locks shut to allow you to store things inside the ball. It also includes a stand to display your Pokeball.

Once you print all the parts, check out our video on assembly:

EDIT: We have added alternate lids for the great ball, ultra ball, and master ball.

EDIT [9/8/2015]: We have added scaled down (20% smaller) versions of all of the parts with modified tolerances for optimal for printing at smaller scales.

3D printing settings


You will need:

* All 6 printed parts

* Super Glue

* A small spring ~1.75 cm long (you can find these in ball point pens and mechanical pencils)

* Sandpaper

* An extra piece of 1.75 mm thick filament ~2.75 cm long


Follow this link for a video on how to assemble the Pokeball


We printed all of the parts using a 0.2 mm layer height and 10% infill. We used support material for all of the parts. Make sure that you carefully remove all of the support material and sand down the rim of the lid (this is important to get the lid to lock correctly). Make sure to remove the support material from the 3 grooves on the rim of the bottom of the Pokeball as well. It is also a good idea to make sure that the whole assembly works properly before gluing the parts together.

  • 3D model format: STL





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