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Pokeball Switch Cartridge Case

3D model description

Please watch my video for assembly

Remixed from
Pokeball stand from

The spring release I used is actually from a cheap Pokeball I had around at home that you can buy online for a few bucks. Some 1.75mm filament will also work as a hinge that can be opened manually. You may need to drill or melt a slightly bigger if you want to do that.

The holes where the wire go in for the button may not print properly because of how fine they are, so you may need to drill or heat up a pin to puncture the holes instead.

I printed mine with auto supports. If you do the same, make sure to remove any little pieces where the button clicks into position on the upper and lower inside parts as they can get easily missed. If not the button might be too sensitive.

3D printing settings

15% infill

  • 3D file format: STL



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So I down loaded this and printed it, it came with a master ball, Great ball, Ultra ball, and normal, they all came out fine but my patients was tested with the hinge object that slides in along with the button coming out nothing like the 3D images shown, more like alien objects meant to be printed as one peace and fused together no matter how hard or how many times it was printed from size to speed to temp and infill, its the ONLY part that has blown my mind and made this print an almost absolute waste of my time and its killing me.