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Playing Card Holder - Holds your cards for you while you play!

3D model description

The easiest way to hold your playing cards while you play is to not have to hold them at all!

This Playing Card Holder does exactly that... it holds your cards as you would in your own hand. It has been designed to angle the cards backwards, but not too far so others cannot see them, as well as being curved so it will hold one card in place as well as a full hand of up to 13 cards.

To use just sort and fan your cards as usual and slot them into the holder... then draw them out as/when required.

You don't need to hold your cards up at all as the curvature and angle do it all for you... plus, there is a small bridge at each end so the cards won't slide out the side. Once placed in correctly, and as long as care is taken when drawing out cards to play, your cards will stay secure for the duration of the game.

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3D printing settings

Print with Raft On / 0.20mm Std. Resolution / 3 Shells / 15% Infill... easy print that does a great practical job.

  • 3D file format: STL





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