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Pirate Ship

3D model description

A pirate ship, I told my 4yr daughter about the #MakeItFloat challenge. She said she wanted to get involved, but could we make a pirate ship. This is the current result.

3D printing settings

I have printed the first prototype on an Up Plus, at 0.2mm layer depth and loose fill. The final boat weighs in at 50g, but will not float upright without some ballast. I managed to float 114g of Australian coins, but am in the process of improving the design to be able to hold more weight.

The hull prints pretty much without support, it only required support for the slide for the deck, and the holes for the railing to glue into. Choose which hull file you would like, Hull02nocham is the bare hull, whereas Hull03 is the hull with vertical barriers running the length of the ship. I hope this adds compartments for storing the coins more efficiently, and also so that the water has to flood each section before getting to the next.

Both the masts have holes in them for 'sewing' sails onto, however they did not turn out in the first prototype. The front spike is also not quite working as intended currently.

The masts require support as they print at 90degrees to upright. The deck requires support for the railing at the top, and surprisingly the wheel printed ok on my printer.

The railing should be printed upside down to avoid the need for support.

Designed in 123d Design.

  • 3D file format: STL





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