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Piggy - Christmas addons

3D model description

Addons for Piggy. Santa hat and bear and Reindeer antler

Santa hat fits only one way (like on photo)

On Santa hat you should change the filament after layer 24 (0,4 nozzle) or 49 (0,2) - but even with few layers of difference it will still look good.
There is a file 'help-box' that shows half a way to change the filament, then last layer/s.
Or print the wite part then lower model on Z-axis for 4,7mm and print with red.

Reindeer antler may be little too small with some printers/options - try resizing it to 102-105% on first print (then you can scrap a little if its too tight). It should hold on the head between the ears.

Printed with 0.2 layer height.

  • 3D file format: STL





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