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Ork Mega Gargant Epic 40k proxy model 6mm Titanicus

3D model description

The largest and most powerful of ork war engines are called mega gargants, they are covered in guns and have a huge claw for close combat.

This model is the most complex thing i have made so far, its fairly straight foward to assemble and pringing using rafts and supports is best.

I am not 100% happy with the rear weapon prins beacse I loose a lot of detail in the printing, so i am going to work on cutting them up so can print in halves and glue together.

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm an English wargamer who has become interesting in 3d designing.
I have been gaming for around 30 years and am a big fan of older models, 3d designs give me a chance to recreate those old models and share them with a new community.

I hope you will all enjoy printing, painting and gaming with my designs.

Tips are welcome as the majority of my designs are free to download, A few extra pounds is always appreciated



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