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Orc / Ork / steam-powered Halftrack

3D model description

Inspired by the old Epic Skull-hammer battle fortress.
This is a model halftrack that can be used in many 28mm sci-fi games

I have devided the model into parts that should print on most printers.

I recomened using rafts and supports to mostly because of the rivets and bolts. Also that huge overhanging pipe on the rear

The front ram bar and dozer are a little wider than they need to be to allow for print errors, you may need to add some .5mm plasticard to conect correctly.

I have included 3 turret types, cannon, energy weapon and flamer. I may do a set of weapons, as i did for the 4 rad.

I am not 100% happy with the tracks, they look ok but they are a little to fragie. also in the printout i forgot to mirror the tracks so that i got two of the same side.

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm an English wargamer who has become interesting in 3d designing.
I have been gaming for around 30 years and am a big fan of older models, 3d designs give me a chance to recreate those old models and share them with a new community.

I hope you will all enjoy printing, painting and gaming with my designs.

Tips are welcome as the majority of my designs are free to download, A few extra pounds is always appreciated



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