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My 3D (Dream Drum Design)

3D model description

I am still a kind of novice in CAD and 3D printing, but I am learning everyday (or at least, I try!) and this challenge was a good opportunity for me to work on a funny project.

While speaking with my children about what we could propose, one spoke about a piano, the second about drum, the last one about trumpet…
Well, after few hours thinking about a potential result, we converged toward a drum, with hammers as drum sticks, and horn-shaped toms to amplify the sound (noise?).

I really had fun to develop it, and to work on some evolution (not part of the challenge !) by motorizing the drum and also adapting a piezo-sensor to link with a midi system (see the "evolution" section)

The following is an updated version (first one was presented few days ago..). Main changes are:
- More toms and variations in the shapes to modify the sounds
- Rounding of the cam bolt's edges to facilitate insertion on the camshaft
- added videos and pictures
- some fun with evolution of the drum (see the last section !)
- 2 versions (for base and camshaft): the normal version to comply with the challenge's rules (max. dimensions 10x10x12.5) and a XL version with 5 tom housings.

Update (2016.02.01):
Evolutions section: Added link to a piezo/Midi converter. Pictures will follow.

Video presentation:

  • 3D file format: STL





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