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MOKO Mini Pulley

3D model description

Much more coming soon in the MOKO Mini Pulley system...


Just add string & imagination for untold possibilities!

Turn off the light, open curtains, close & open doors, retrieve snacks, suspend valuables, hang clothes, tease cats, all without leaving your bed!

Snap together body with locking clips- no pins or tools required

Quickly & easily locks to common screws or nails

Liberate the lazy Luddite within!

Tech specs on the Instructions page

Assembly & demonstration video:


New attachment added: Pulley Hook

The hook fits snugly in the screw cavity in both the MOKO Mini Pulley & the Mini Block & Tackle Pulley. Break the hook pin at the snap points to shorten if required

New attachment added: Pulley Magnet

Snugly holds 8x5mm Neodymium Disc Magnets (ebay) Use in conjunction with the Pulley Hook to fish for metallic treasures!

3D printing settings

I've made the MOKO Mini Pulley with both locking (closed) or quick release (open) fittings

Printed in .20mm layers on my UP! printer, however the design is quite forgiving and adaptable. The locking clips can be replaced with cable ties or rubber bands

The quick release design locks to countersunk/bugle screw/nails up to 8.2mm (.32") head diameter

Takes rope/cord/twine/string up to 4mm diameter, Load tested to 5kg

DIY Rube Goldberg machine, or perhaps a lightswitch remote control? Home automation, garden adventures, tricks or traps... add a fishing reel as a mini-winch. Share your creations!

  • 3D model format: STL





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