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Modular Combat Spinning Top (no support needed)

3D model description

First of all, credit to Ryan van Waes from my_minifactory for his great zip top launcher design.

The spinning top is modular. You can easily design your own discs and tips.

The default is three layers, upper disc, lower disc and the tip. 11mm thick each.

The core diameter is 10mm. You can easily create thread with Fusion 360 (it's the way I made them).

Just screw them together.

For combat fun and fairness, the largest disc diameter should be around 5cm.

A very rough arena is included. It is one quarter of a circle. So print 4 of them and glue them together. Need lots of sanding, so be warned. I recommend you create your own arena.

All pieces can be printed in just PLA. Of course you can try out other materials. A good mechanical experiment.

Try out different sizes,shapes, materials. See who will stand til the end of fight !

Warning: breaking the material and the heart is possible.

Most importantly, have FUN :)

(Photo: Left one is the prototype. Middle one is what included in the files which spins the best so far for me. Right one is to show one of the variation, it spins well too.)

  • 3D file format: STL





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