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Mini zippable flying disc

3D model description

Hi everyone!
This is a mini flying disc, designed to be thrown like a skipping stone.
If you like this project ad want news about my designs, follow me on IG: engineli_3d
It is inspired by the original Zipchip, but i designed this version to be easily printable.
After several fails, this is now stable and you will easily make it fly over 30m.
The Stl i'm uploading is for a 50 mm disc, but you can scale it up (1,24x to reach the original diameter of a zipchip, or even more if you want).
You can choose infill settings to vary the weight of the disc.
A lighter disc will float better for shorter distances, a heavy disk is optimal for long throws.
Always remember to throw disc parallel to ground, to have a straight and stable flight as shown in the picture, a little throwing practice wil probably be needed!

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 50 × Y 50 × Z 11 mm



Hi everyone!
I'm an italian student in Mechanical engineering, and enthusiast in rapid prototyping.
I like to design and print working stuff of any kind!



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