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Minecraft Steve - One piece print with moving head/arms/legs!

3D model description

All Minecraft fans will want to print this... Mine Craft Steve with a moving head, arms and legs. Easy print with designed in support so everything moves!

Print in your choice of colour or paint after printing. Create your own accessories to clip on.

Note: Please read instructions before printing.

3D printing settings

This print has built in support that breaks away to create a model with moving arms, legs and head.

Print at 0.2mm resolution and use Raft / 4 shells / 35% fill to ensure the print is solid and unlikely to break during support removal (On a Replicator 2 the Raft and Support snap away easily).

- Use Raft

- Do not use Support as it is inbuilt into the design

Take care when removing the support. Refer to the images included as it surrounds the print... up the front and back, under the arms and even between the legs and under the neck.

Once removed this model should stand and move...

  • 3D model format: STL





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