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Micro quadrocopter - exchangeable semi ducts - Beecheese frame V11

3D model description

Enjoy my new 3d design for a brushless micro quadrocopter. Based on the brushed quadrocopter idea of stlyesuxx. It uses 2.5 inch propeller and 2S lipo in combination with brushless dys 7000kv 1104 motors.

The frame weight when using the ducts is ~32g.
If you prefer a lighter model you may print the lowprofile protectors to reduce the frameweight to ~23g.

The AUW of the micro quadcopter is around 140 grams using a 650mah 60C 2S battery pack and including runcam split mini.

Thrust should be around 150 grams per motor with 2S and 2540 tribalde props.
So it has quite some punch ^^
If you crash, it might break, but it still does an good job at protecting your components. Most times, only one prop guard will be damaged. Now it can be exchanged even faster. Replacing the duct takes just a moment.

My flightcontrolboard is flashed with betaflight 3.5.2. Dynamic filter enabled.

If you want to add a small action cam, you might need to retune your pid and fly acro a bit less hard. But it willy carry a mobius or runcam 2, so you get some nice 1080p footage from it.

The runcam split mini seems to be a perfect fit for this frame. It just needs good dampening.
For now, my best result was using "ohropax" and a rubberband as you can see on the 2nd picture.

If you have some flexible filament you may print the tpu motor mounts to reduce vibrations on your frame. For me this worked quite good.
In addition i mounted my fc board onto slices of "oropax" earplugs.

You may mount the usual FC size to this frame with 20mm screw distance.

It will fit M2 screws for the frame standoffs and the 20mm flightboards.

I would be very happy to see your make and get some feedback :)


(Affiliatelink to - you support me without extra costs)

Screws & Nuts:
6x M2 7mm screws - duct mount (can be replaced with longer screws)
3x M2 7mm screws - topplate mount (can be replaced with longer or shorter screws)
3x M2 10mm screws - duct and standoff mount
16x M2 3mm screws - motor mount (should be the regular screw length that comes with your motors.)
6x M2 nut

I have used this screwset:
M2 screw set

Racerstar Racing Edition - 1104 7000KV

Gemfan flash - 2540 - triblade

Racestar 4 in 1 12A using DSHOT 600

Recommended flightcontrol:
Omnibus F4 with OSD

Lipo 2S
2S Lipo 60C

FPV cam/transmitter combo:

Eachine TX06(supports smart audio)


FPV camera:
Runcam Split Mini (link to
FPV transmitter:
AKK X5 (link to

5V active Buzzer (take it, if you dont want to search your quad for hours and hours.)
Buzzer and LED

Further you need:
Transmitter and receiver of your choice. I use the Flysky I6 with SBUS mod
Flysky I6 with A8S combo

FPV goggle: Kylin Vision(Link to

  • 3D model format: STL





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