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Matchbox Roadster Falcon Heavy Fairings

3D model description


Inspired by A Red Car for the Red Planet, now you can print out your own Falcon Heavy fairing ahead of the maiden launch!

Modeled after the cross section from this diagram and the sneaked side shot of the Roadster for the angle of the payload adapter, and scaled to Matchbox/Hotwheel size

Assembly steps

  • Print out one of each Fairing A, Fairing B, and the Roaster base
  • (Alternatively, if you don't want to deal with supports, or like having the logo on both halves print two Fairing As instead)
  • Acquire a payload vehicle (any matchbox car should fit...) and affix to the base with space age Kapton tape (well, or just any regular, boring, non-spacey tape)
  • Assemble three Falcon 9s
  • Launch to Mars


If you use a Hotwheels Model X... then technically this would be a Space (Model) X model

  • 3D model format: STL





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