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Matchbox car scan using HP Sprout

3D model description

I got a chance to try out scanning using the new HP Sprout. I was pretty impressed by the details given how small the object is (<2 inch).

Bonus points if you recognize this iconic car from my childhood cartoon watching!

3D printing settings

The car was held in place on the stand using sticky-tack. The object should not move as the stage rotates.

Most scanners have trouble with shinny or transparent surfaces. I used a light coat of powered foot spray to get good results on the windshield.

The Sprout lets you make multiple passes at different orientations. I scanned three time, once as pictured, and once on each side. The Sprout automatically stitches the scans together into a single mesh.

I used Netfabb to make it manifold (you can see some holes in the original scan under the dashboard and in the wheel wells.

You can also use Meshlab to reduce the number of polygons.

  • 3D file format: STL





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