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Magnetic Chess Set

3D model description

• Magnets
• Plastic tweezers
• Super glue
• White paint marker (for touch-up)
• Sharpie (for touch-up)

General Notes
Designed to be built on a 6x9” build volume.
The snap joints are designed to be a tight fit. Depending on how your machine is calibrated, you may need to do some work with a utility knife and/or Dremel to make them fit.

The Board
• Dual extrusion
• Ooze shield
• No raft
• No support
• 80-100% infill
• 0.3 mm layer height

Inserting Magnets
You need to do 64 of these, so cycle time is important. This was my process.

I started by gluing one magnet into a corner square and let it dry completely. This magnet, which I will refer to as the anchor, was very helpful in quickly orienting each magnet so they’re all facing the same way.

Put a drop of glue in several squares.
Drop a magnet onto the anchor (see above).
With one hand on the board and tweezers in the other, slide the magnet off the anchor with the tweezers.
Grab another pair of tweezers and press the magnet into a slot.
The Pieces
I scaled these pieces up to 123% to fill out the squares a bit better:
• 0.2 mm layer height
• 100% infill
• Support for knights and magnet slots
• No raft

I used a similar process for inserting these magnets but only used one pair of tweezers and held the piece in my other hand. I applied the felt circles as I glued in each magnet, allowing me to let them dry standing up.

The Box
• 0.3 mm layer height
• 70% infill
• Support for snap tabs
• No raft

  • 3D file format: STL





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