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3D model description

I want to tell about some toy from my past. It is callad lunohod. It vas very expensive toy, I did't have it by myself, but my friend has it. It is also very advanced toy, it have keyboard which allow kids to programm movments of this toy. For example, move forward 4 times, rotate 30 digrees, shoot laser 5 times. This is first time I was introduced to programming, and I belive it wake my interest to programming.

So my project is to create similar toy with arduino in hart, to enthusiate new children on programming. It will have small touchscreen display where you can create programs for this track save them edit and of course run them. It wi?l be open source. So everyone in the word can create this by themselfs. It can be extendable with warious options. It can be modular. And main feature is to be inspiring new kids to electronics and programming.

video presentation:



  • 3D file format: STL





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